Syntra Vlaanderen

comma case - Syntra Vlaanderen
Education and training center
Syntra Vlaanderen
comma case - Syntra Vlaanderen

What we did

  • Marketing plan
  • Communication strategy
  • Media plan
  • Corporate positioning
  • Digital development
comma case - Syntra Vlaanderen

We mainly focused on SEO that was supported by Google AdWords, social media integration and a variety of print media such as brochures, flyers and advertisements.

A strong campaign with professional photos was the foundation that made all of the above mentioned possible. In 2017 an extension of this campaign was launched, mainly focusing on dual learning. 

comma case - Syntra Vlaanderen

Syntra Vlaanderen and comma, merkenmarketeers have been partners since 2015. We have worked on repositioning projects and developing Drupal websites.


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After more than three years of collaboration, it seems as comma, brand strategists know us even better than in the beginning. They understand the operation and corporate culture within Axintor reigns. Everything together compares a very efficient collaboration.