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Zet jezelf op de kaart - Syntra Vlaanderen

what we did...

  • E-mailing
  • Social media ads
  • Inserts and bannering


Zet jezelf op de kaart - Syntra Vlaanderen


Syntra Vlaanderen asked comma to set up a business-to-business communication campaign to inform businesses about its new application. The primary focus area was encouraging businesses already offering recognized work-experience places to enter and/or complete their data. The secondary focus areas were encouraging all companies to take part in the work-experience scheme by offering positions, and informing educational institutes of the existence of the application and plans for communication aimed at parents and students.

Zet jezelf op de kaart - Syntra Vlaanderen



inserts and bannering

We approached the sizeable business target group by developing a postcard insert for inclusion in ZO Magazine, Ondernemers (VOKA) and MT Magazine. This enabled us to reach a complete range of entrepreneurs and self-employed people. To bring extra attention to our message, we followed up the insert with a wave of animated banners on these magazines’ websites and their newsletters.

Zet jezelf op de kaart - Syntra Vlaanderen


Another channel of communication was a personalized mailing campaign targeting businesses with newly recognized work-experience places, encouraging them to ‘put themselves on the map’ by completing their information. In this segmented campaign, we sent e-mails to businesses weekly, targeting those opening up recognized work-experience places.




social media

LinkedIn and Facebook were also included in the campaign, with supporting posts and ads placed in July and August


‘Put yourself on the map’ certainly did put itself on the map! New registrations now appear each week, and by 23 January 2019 site visitors could browse through 2,794 results. A great result, and another step closer to ensuring enough work-experience places for all students.


Meer cases


Altas and Arrows

Comma putted their finger right on the key question. Throw figures, the team mentioned us that our company name did not response to all the conditions. On marketing and communication with (potential) clients there was still some work that had to be done. It was hard to re-think along, but it made us to who we are now. A strong brand with a clear focus and colleagues who stand united behind Atlas and Arrows. Thanks to comma we have not only a new and recognizable logo, but also an appropriate name and a clear website. It was a very interesting process from which we have gained a lot.