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Demuynck has been manufacturing high-quality furniture for over two generations. Specialised craftmanship and traditional methods have been passed along. comma, merkenmarketeers were asked to develop a marketing strategy for the private label. Flemish Tradition was born and continues to grow each year.

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What we did

  • brand model
  • brand positioning
  • brand strategy
  • name development
  • baseline
  • logo
  • corporate style
  • copywriting
  • visual storytelling
  • in and out store
  • website
Stoffen Flemish Tradition

the comma, strategy

With the help of our specifically designed brand tool, we determined their strengths and values. It didn’t take long to discover that Demuynck’s products are loved by people who are looking high-quality products, whether they be custom made or not. Only the very best materials are used in the process. Because the brand also produces products under their private label, we decided not to give them a new name. In order to get the qualities out of the anonymity and create their look, a new quality mark was created: Flemish Tradition – the label of High Quality Craftmanship. This resulted in a modern take on traditional craftmanship.

the results

In the meantime, Flemish Tradition has firmly positioned themselves in the market. The quality label keeps growing and evolving every day. We had high hopes for Flemish Tradition when we brainstormed with furniture manufacturer Demuynck and those expectations have definitely been met; their turnover has increased by 22%.

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about Flemish Tradition / Demuynck 

Did you spot a Flemish Tradition label? Well in that case we can guarantee you’re looking at a durable, handmade, high-class product from the Demuynck workshops where craftmanship is produced with love for top notch materials.



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